Wednesday, October 17, 2012

30 Day Challenge - Days 7 and 8

So for day 8, I was tasked with creating a LinkedIn profile here which took about an hour total. I managed to join a few writing groups and pending approval on a few others, but I'm well on my way I think. Day 7 was simply adding a share button to my blog posts if on the off-chance someone decides they'd like to share my work with someone else on twitter or facebook or even G+.
I also am keeping up with other blogs and commenting sparsely on posts using disqus (which I need to set up properly, note to self,: do that soon). I undertook a minor writing exercise on The Write Practice blog using the word "refusenik" in a short flurry of writing that would take up 5 minutes. It didn't turn out all that great, but it's not unreadable either. I dunno if it evokes any emotions though. I'm trying for emotion in my latest series of writing and I don't know if I'm failing miserably at it. Maybe I should just stick to tried-and-true writing with trope-like storylines and predictable characters...ah who am I kidding, I was never like that in the first place.


  1. The real question is, is the 30 day challenge doing you any good?

    Ian Miller

    1. Seeing as how you commented and haven't seen my blog before now, I'd say it's gotten at least one person to notice :)