Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Marketing Horrors

Dear Blog,
On day two of this, my foray into the world of self publishing, I'm once again tempted to ask what the hell I was thinking. I mean I'm pretty sure that (putting aside the grass-is-greener mentality) I would not have as much work to do if I had went the traditional publishing route. Yes, I do know that I probably would have to go do the beat-walking myself and honestly, I already have a job.
I guess, on further consideration, it's not such a bad thing to find myself in this situation. Drumming up sales (no matter how small they seem now), has the kinda of grunt labour that I appreciate. No one can say I'm not putting my all into this book.
Dear blog, I know it's a bit of opening myself up with this statement, but I am afraid. I'm afraid that I will give it my all and I will fail. But I suppose that failing is a natural part of life and unless you take the chance then it's not worth it anyway. Everything, no matter how "sure" it seems to be has a small chance of failing. It's risky but it should be worth it. At least I hope so.

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