Wednesday, October 3, 2012

From TerribleMinds - A Self-Evaluation

Hello Blog,

Second post of the day, I must really like you, huh? Anyway, down to the meat.
One of the blogs I follow is that of author Chuck Wendig (Terribleminds). Today's post on his blog sets readers a challenge to evaluate themselves and I thought I'd fill it out for you so you'd know I'm not actually wasting my time (Stop looking at me like that blog, I swear it's true).

How’s it going, writing-wise?
Well, it's going. I've managed to hold on to my quota of 1000 words a day (more or less) even after the release of my novel on Kindle, which is an accomplishment for me. I tend to take some time off after I finish a project and after that novel I took about a week and a half off writing completely. When I restarted I came back renewed.
How goes progress on any current projects? Whatcha working on?
Two novels and a novelette. Strictly speaking they're all novelettes because they haven't made it past the 15,000 word mark as yet.
Any problems with said projects? Issues you’re having?
The biggest issue is to figure out which of the three projects to work at on a day-to-day basis. I still have to get started on my novel sequel, which I promised I'd have out before May next year for beta-reading. Considering if I'm working on that novel I won't be working on anything else, I should complete the manuscript in a little under two months, hopefully. I think my problem is time. I don't dedicate enough of it to writing and I damn well know it.
Beyond individual projects, how’s the bigger picture looking?
Well I published my first novel (Shardhunter - Air & Fire) and I'm still looking at getting some of my short stories out there. I've seen the Amazon Singles thing and I'm considering getting one or two of my pieces for preview by their editors.
What are your strengths as a writer and storyteller?
My descriptions are one of my strengths as are my attention to action and pacing. 
More importantly: what and where are your weaknesses?
My downfalls are my attention to physical details of character traits and the ability to follow through on a plot. I have no qualms about killing my characters...unless they grow on me.

So there you go Blog, a rundown of the things I'm working on and what I plan to do. And well, you know I'm working my ass off with these book marketing strategies I'm putting into place.Not much to show for it, but hopefully soon I'll see some differences.

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