Monday, October 22, 2012

30 Day Platform Challenge Days 11 and 12

Taking a little breather here to get in a blog post. I've gotten to days 11 and 12 of the challenge and I won't tell you what they are because it requires input by you guys and gals etc.
Firstly, I found this on my blog feed today and just HAD to share it because as writers I know that we ALL get into a certain humdrum way of writing that leads to our stories etc. being single-voiced and at times monotone. Miss Tydell makes some good points in that post and I'd advise anyone who writes to read it so you don't end up using one storytelling style all the time. Variety IS the spice of life after all.
So readers, do you have blogs? I'd like for anyone who reads or read this post to comment me back with your blog address so I can add you back. I like following new blogs; it's more variety. I guess that makes my life spicier than Mexican Chili?

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