Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Soapbox Time - Part I

I would define an intellectually devoid society as one that foregoes common sense in favor of tribal politics. Since I am living in such a society, I am saddened to see time and time again the populous taken advantage of by the Capitalists that somehow have wheedled their way into political dominance of a Socialist country and the media simply propping up and facilitating these pigs in their unending march forward to destroy Trinidad and Tobago. Of course the sheer amount of "big-words" I used in the preceding paragraph would make its complexity far removed from the average Trinidadians ability to comprehend. But I need to get this off my chest, regardless of who listens. I guess that's what blogs are for. My opinion, Ladies and Gentlemen, are as follows:

  1. We live in a country that is by and large socialist, as most of our governmental initiatives are designed to benefit the populous in either one way or another. For the last thirty-odd years, the ruling-class of the island has been chiefly made up of capitalists and swindlers in all fashion and form. It is a glaring oversight of our system that someone who owns a business that enters some form of government or another can continue to run that business advantageously, allowing him or her to drastically undercut their competitors in one way or another. Not to mention the vast numbers of government contracts that are given to their own companies or companies of their colleagues (see "Parasitic Oligarchy").
  2. The ruling party (yes I state this as a singular because regardless of which party enters power the major issues will still fall under the political blanket of "conservatism") is supported financially by a series of businessmen that have ingrained the idea of "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" into the minds of any politician in the country, thus making sure that when the party they support is voted into power, legislation is passed that makes their business easier to run while simultaneously causing competitors a large degree of discomfort (see Ariapita Avenue Traffic Plan).
  3. The media, although made up of different agendas and collectives all come down to the the same thing, i.e.  they need to make money, because media is a business. Going against the government does not make money. Seeming to go against the government as a method of providing a supposed balance to political issues guarantees kudos from both the misled public (who see it as them doing a bang-up job to expose the filthy that settles in the government) and the government (who feed them the stories they "leak" in order to lay a smokescreen over the obviously unethical goings-on in both state boards and authorities). This just makes the average citizen more of a fool, and doubly so because they don't realize they're being made asses of (see "Project Pride" & "New Piarco Airport Building").
  4. Government in this country, regardless of which faction it is, is concerned only with filling their own pockets and not with helping the average man. Ask these politicians when was the last time they took a maxi or a taxi? When was the last time they drove to the impoverished parts of the country and shared their ill-gotten wealth? It seems that the only times these things happen are when TV cameras are in close pursuit to show off a "humanitarian aid" story. That's not Humanitarian. it's disgusting and self serving. This country's income is based mainly on oil. In a relatively short amount of years our oil will be depleted. The present governments and it's immediate forebears have been and still are engaged in spending out money faster than the country can make it (see "NAPA", "Helicopter rides to Siparia").
In conclusion of this blog post that will probably be seen by a grand total of five or maybe six people (Trinis are notorious for their inexcusable aversion to reading), it comes down to this: People, ALL people, should at least be politically educated in the things that matter to a society like ours. Recently I took a quiz designed to tell which political party one should support in the upcoming US presidential elections and a similar one tailored to the British elections, each coming to their conclusion by asking questions and comparing the answer to the manifesto of their party. When the party (again, only one in this country, whether it be PNM-flavored or UNC-flavored, it's still conservative) can answer questions based on the future of Trinidad's Economy (in words understandable to a ten-year old), their stance on abortion, gay rights, the rising crime problem (again with a plan that can be understood by a ten-year old), then I'll say that they're an actual party. Until such time both the politics and the media of this country is quite suited to the banana-republic Trinidad and Tobago is striving to be. In eighteen years, whatever God you believe in would do a great job of saving you from the mess you'll put yourself in. When the shit finally hits the fan, the people, i.e. the everyday, common man, the ones who put those parasites in power, will be the ones to suffer. And by the time they realize what they've done and are ready to revolt, the time for revolution will have long gone.
If anyone has spotted any glaring misdemeanors I may have done, injustices to the system and my opinion on the government, then feel free to rebut me. Also, if my point of view differs from yours, then feel free to present your point of view in a calm, collected and intellectually sound manner as I have done.


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